Automate Your Risk-based Strategy

Wow your CFO / CRO and Audit Committee With Live Heatmaps!
Running a comprehensive, real-time, collaborative and efficient. ERM program has never been easier.

Audit Prodigy’s unique approach enables a deep and real-time understanding
of organizational risks across the enterprise.

ERM Delivery Model

Create, collect and heatmap risk feedback from across the organization:
not just ratings but also root causes, plans etc. in 5 Dimensions

Clone to rinse and repeat as frequently as you like

Global Risk Universe

Create / Import / Maintain All Risks & Controls and Results in One Single View with Version Control & Workflow

Global Collaboration

Survey Stakeholders – Internal or External. Just Drag & Drop. 5 Risk Dimensions | Likelihood | Impact | Preparedness | Velocity | Residual

Live Responses

Ratings on a Scale of 1 – 5 With Root Causes & Mitigation Plans Contextual & Data-Driven Conversations

Heat Maps & Reports

Track and Share Live Enterprise Risk Profile with Stakeholders. Collaborate to Initiate Mitigation Actions – Internal / External.