We Appreciate Your World

With ever-increasing regulations, PCAOB standards, expectations of real-time awareness by Audit Committees and collaboration by process owners and team members, your challenges are unrelenting. Budgets aren’t keeping up either.

As CFOs and CAEs, we lived the limitations of spreadsheets, emails and shared folders, and the frustrations of getting people to use complex and expensive GRC tools. Why do we need separate tools, for project management, flowcharting, certifications, ERM etc. to do the same job?

Audit Prodigy was born to cut through these dilemmas. We integrated all the capabilities you’d need, under one roof, to get your job done.

Payoff? Better collaboration, higher team productivity, real-time visibility and execution certainty – aka, exceptional ROI.

Implementation? With us, there is no rolling of the dice. Your team would be running on full steam in 2-4 weeks, with 4 hours of training.

Support? We don’t rest until your team is fully productive –
typically, in a month.


Best of Both Worlds

Ease-of-use of spreadsheets and integrated capabilities of major GRC platforms. Explains why teams get comfortable and productive,
quickly and with little training.

inefficient Inefficient
  • Multiple Versions of Truth
  • No Expert Workflows
  • No Built-in Collaboration
  • Risk of Data Loss
unsecure Unsecure
  • Best-in-Class Ease of Use
  • Best-in-Market Versatility
  • Fastest Implementation & Training
  • Effortless Collaboration
  • Real-time Data & Awareness
  • 600% ROI
clunky Clunky
Complex GRC Tools
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Training & Maintenance
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Poor Team Adoption
expensive Expensive

Power of Integration - At Your Fingertips

Take Your Intenal Audit, SOX, Risk and Compliance Management to The Next Level.

No more juggling of unconnected tools for Risk Assessments, Control Testing, Issues, Team Scheduling, Time and Completion Reporting, Project Management, Flowcharts, Certifications, PBC Documents or Task Management.

Everything Under One Roof! We Solved The Puzzle.

Power of Integration
SOX & Internal Audit Testing
SOX & Internal Audit Testing

Stay on top of your global Risks, Controls, and Testing Status – including on your smart phone!

  • Import and maintain all your RCMs and Narratives – not just Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) but also NIST, ISO, GDPR access to each RCM
  • Leverage Big 4-class Walk-through & Test of Controls templates, with PBC evidence and managerial reviews & approvals workflows
  • View results of your team’s control testing, risk assessments and certifications in real-time. No more update meetings!
  • Control access to each RCM effortlessly
Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management

Drive in-depth, yet, easy stakeholder collaboration to measure and heat-map risks, live. Audit Committees and CFOs love it.

  • Best-in-class aggregation of stakeholder feedback – in 5 Dimensions, not just Likelihood and Impact.
  • Dynamically compare, analyze and share changes in risk profiles by quarter, business unit etc, with Audit Committee and C-Suite.
  • Assign process owners and track mitigation actions for each heat-mapped risk, across the enterprise
Certifications & Surveys
Certifications & Surveys

Automated, on-record risk, privacy, policy, vendor, SOX, and other compliance self-assessments

  • Create compliance questionnaires and information requests, distribute at multi-levels with workflows
  • Collect responses, including documentation and quickly identify exceptions and assign to process owners for remediation
  • Repeat with effortless cloning and track live status with dashboards and reports
Issues Management
Issues Management

All Issues or Deficiencies, at your fingertips – including two-way collaboration with process owners. Integrated with testing failures.

  • Communicate Issues efficiently and in real-time with process owners
  • Collect one-click process owner responses, including evidence of corrective actions. All with automated workflows.
  • View and report real-time status of various stages of remediation – with dashboards and reports
PBCs (Documents Exchange)
PBCs (Documents Exchange)
Including Audio & Video files

No more document requests via emails and saving/searching in shared folders! Includes not only Office products (Word, PPT etc.) but also PDF, PNG, JPEG and audio and video files.

  • Request documents with due dates from process owners, including by Control or Project – share examples
  • Collaborate seamlessly through automated workflows, including with external auditors
  • Communicate with process owners with two-way texting and reminders. Track real-time status of requests.
People & Project Management
People & Project Management

Eliminate the inefficiencies, team frustrations, and unpredictability of project execution, with the best of Agile and Waterfall methods.

  • Organize your Annual Plan into bite-size Projects – including your SOX testing, with Plan Hours and Phases (Planning/Fieldword/Reporting etc.)
  • With real-time visibility of Resource Availability data, flex on the dime when plans / schedules need to change
  • Report Time and Phase Completion to track project progress and delays in real-time
Integrated Flowcharts
Integrated Flowcharts

Effortlessly map your processes (integrated with your RCM) and collaborate with process owners

  • Visually integrate your processes to your Risks, Controls, and Projects.
  • Seamlessly update your flowcharts when you update your SOX Risks, Controls, or Projects.
  • Control access to process owners, so they maintain their own processes.
Task Management
Task Management

Streamline your recurring tasks or checklists – effortless collaboration, accountability and real-time status. Monthly Book Close, Reporting, AC Preparation, Compliance etc.

  • Easy, consistent execution and accountability
  • Define dependencies and keep the team on the same page, automatically
  • Avoid unproductive emails/meetings on status catch-ups
Dashboards & Reports
Dashboards & Reports

Stay on top of your KPIs with customizable and drill-down dashboards, with real time data – including on your mobile devices.

Run customizable, real time and Excel-exportable reports on the fly. These reports keep track of the Team Availability / Schedules, Projects, RCMs, SOX testing results, Issues, PBCs and much more – without chasing after outdated data.

Integrated Document Management
Integrated Document Management

We built the power of collecting and storing supporting documentation – not just PDF and Office applications but also audio and video files – into each module and template. For you as well as process owners.

Unlike Sharepoint and other file folders, you can request, receive, store and access documents where they are needed, be it with Audit Testing Templates, Issues, Certifications, Risk Assessments, External Audit Requests etc.

Implementation Surprises? Not With Us

We eliminated two of the most expensive gambles with your budget:
Implementation and Support, with a path-breaking approach

Fastest Implementation: 2-4 Weeks Flat

SSO Integration
Your Data
(4 Hours)
Test Data
& Go-Live

Best-in-Class Support

Above-and-Beyond Support, until your team is fully productive!

Audit Prodigy’s intuitive functionality, logical flow, in-platform User Guide and in-screen Tool Tips allow your team to get comfortable and productive within days.

When you need support to meet unique requirements, we partner with you to build innovative solutions.

Our goal is to delight, not just satisfy.


The Payoff

Why go through the hassle? Why don’t I stick with what I do now?

Because, we took all the hassle out of it – you’ll be up and running before you know it.

Second, your team will be seen as a role-model of efficiency, effectiveness, collaboration, and real-time awareness.

Last, you’d find that the ROI from this investment is higher than most proposals on your CFO’s desk.


Global Collaboration

  • SSO or In-Platform
  • Internal or External
  • Easy Access Control

Real-time Visibility

  • Live Dashboards / Reports
  • In-screen Analytics
  • Auto-Status Visibility & Alerts

Team Productivity

  • Expert Templates & Workflows
  • Everyone on the same page
  • Track live Project performance

Predictable Results

  • No Surprises, ever again
  • Live To-Do Lists, messages, auto-reminders & dashboards
  • Estimate-to-Complete (ETC)

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